Email Design

Additional samples of my work are available upon request.


Sugarbush Email Mockup

As a personal exercise, I decided to take an email I received from Sugarbush Resort and redesign it. The main issue I noticed was on mobile. According to Litmus, most people primarily open email on their phone so it is extremely important to present emails that are intuitive and accessible on mobile. The original rendering on mobile was broken and off-centered, in addition to not being user friendly and intuitive. So, my main mission was to ensure that my redesign was entirely mobile responsive. I took the content of the email and reorganized it into 3 buckets. I made these buckets the main focus of the email and simplified the copy. In addition, I added a secondary color scheme that is inline with their branding. The main call to action is a red content box, with a white CTA. The secondary calls to action are white boxes with red ghost buttons. This not only helps the user easily identify what the primary purpose of the email is, but presents opportunities to easily click-through. I also moved their images to be headers of each section (using table background images), keeping the engaging imagery, but aligning it with their content. All of these features - the content blocks, images, and buttons - are all mobile responsive.

Baby Shower Invitation

A friend asked me to create a custom baby shower invitation as many websites were not providing the customization that was needed to achieve the desired look. Using background images, I was able to create a look that encompasses the look and feel the host was going for - fun, elegant, and unconventional. The entire email is mobile responsive, the background image and header image resize, and the button assumes the entire width of the mobile device.